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Copyright Journal of Health is the communication media to disseminate the results of research and reviews in the field of health (including nutrition, medical records and health information systems, medical, nursing, midwifery, public health, etc.)

Health Vocational Education Journal includes journal containing writings drawn from the results of research related to the health or environmental health sciences, nutrition, dental health, health analysts, nursing and midwifery which has never been published in other medical journals.

The mission of Copyright Journal is to circulate and discuss various scientific papers on health solution and innovation, such as medical equipment, health laboratory, alternative medicinehCG diet dropsorganic produce, and devices to detect all diseases. Thus the journal is intended as a medium of communication for those who have the attention to health major among other practitioners at the level of central institution, local university, including the organization of health services such as hospitals, health departments, and even the manager of the drug industry, medical devices and health insurance, research and educational institutions. The contents of the journal are in the form of research articles related to health studies and the challenges that are relevant to the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health solution.

The journal was first published in January 2010 by issuing it 7 times a year, namely in January, February, April, June, August, November and December. In 2012, the journal published two times a year, ie March and September. And in 2017, there is a change in the layout of the Copyright Journal.

Medical journals, medical and nursing is an important literature in writing scientific papers which are suitable for health researchers, doctors, nurses, midwives and other health majors. However, it is sometimes difficult to do because of the difficulty of finding sites of medical journals, medical, and nursing. For those of you, who else do the research, there are several medical journals and nursing references which can be found here.

Copyright journal of health has implemented a variety of policies and systems, many of which will pose novel problems. We will be continually revising these systems as the needs of the journal evolve, and this is the first call for participation. We need your help to solve problems as they arise, to help write code that will power not only this journal but others as well, and, critically, to suggest improvements and novel ideas as we further develop this concept.

No journal has value without content, and Copyright is no exception. This is the second call for participation: get involved. If you have expertise, contribute, no matter what formal background. You can join a paper in progress or start one of your own. You can start a project. You can discuss the issues of the day in the forums, or design and distribute posters to spread the word. You can start a blog, or do something we haven’t thought of yet.

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