5 Steps to Writing an Excellent Essay

Many people find writing essays as a natural gift. For some, they have to learn and practice regularly to instill the craft. Here are some of the steps to writing an excellent essay.

1. Digest the question

It may sound like an apparent reason, but the truth of the matter is that you will not have an easy time writing the essay if you fail to understand the question. For instance, you may get asked to compare and contrast, evaluate an element critically, analyze an occurrence, or expound on a concept.

2. Create a schedule or a plan

The first step is to understand the question, but you also have to utilize the time available efficiently. Several students get to estimate the work scope they should do, which makes them spend so much time of their nights in the library, or they could register low grades. If you want to get a reasonable rate, plan your essay as soon as you get the question. If you set deadlines for yourself and commit to them, you will not have stressful days when the deadline is around the corner. It will also give you time to proofread your work.

3. Read extensively

Writing may be the most significant part, but you need preparation before you get to start writing. Ensure that you look through all the relevant literature that you can find, and it would help if you have the skill to read through a lot of data. You can begin by checking through databases, including Google scholar, which can use keywords available in your research topic. After you get the articles, ensure that you go through the abstract to determine if it is relevant. In case you’re not sure about it, jump to the conclusion as it will have a summary of the study, and you will then decide if you want to continue reading the article or not.

4. Get critical

Perfect academic approaches are rare go-to theories. The majority of them have got flaws. In case you’re looking to get a pass, then you will be fine by being descriptive. But if you want to get a higher grade, you need to eliminate a high level of critical reasoning with the material that you have. By thinking critically, you will make your essay stand out. The reader and the marker, we would see that you’re not just repeating whatever arguments get read, but you’re having an engagement with them academically.

5. Build your structure, maintain your flow, and also focus

How you make a presentation of the arguments you have got mirrors the vitality of the idea, and that is why easy needs to follow a structure that is flowing and logical. Every paragraph, section, or sentence should instill value in your presentation. You should also ensure that all the parts of your essay connect as a whole. Your transitions from one section to the next are delicate. Most students do not care about how their arguments fit, which will make them get low grades. Ensure you tell your reader why you’re moving to the following idea, in the particular order you are using, and how each element adds value to your discussion. Ask yourself how does those paragraphs interconnect and the linkage of the arguments. If you fail to answer those questions, there’s a high chance that you will veer off your main idea. If you get to this point, you should probably consider the path you have chosen.