Tips to Help You Avoid Grammar and Spelling Errors

One thing that gives students bad grades in essays is poor grammar and spelling mistakes. As a student, you can have the best ideas and concepts, but there are many grammatical errors once you put them down. As much as you had put in more effort in the paper if you fail to check on grammar mistakes, expect some shocking grades. Yes, we are human beings and making mistakes is part of our lives. But then, as a student, you must be careful to avoid some silly mistakes. Use the following tips kindly provided by IBuyEssay blog to minimize grammar and spelling mistakes.

  • Give someone else your work to go through it

Do not submit your academic work without giving your friend or someone you trust to go through your work. Some errors can always pass our eyes when we read our own writing. As for another person, it is easier to pinpoint such mistakes and correct them. Why submit your work and get poor grades because of simple mistakes? Give another person your work and be ready for some clean marks.

  • Do not always rely on softwares to check your work

We all love technological advancements. Yes, it can be of great significance times, but it can fail to detect some mistakes again. Sometimes the software isn’t always right. Make it a habit of going through your work without relying on such grammar checkers.

  • Avoid proofreading immediately you finish your paper

When you go through the work immediately after writing, be sure to miss more mistakes. Your mind already knows what you have been writing about, and it is fixed in a manner that you see every phrase as correct. You can see the errors, but instead of correcting them, you autocorrect them in your brain. In the end, you end up submitting a paper full of mistakes unknowingly. To avoid such instances, take some breaks after writing the essay, walk around, or take a cup of coffee, then face the paper again as you proofread. Here, you have reset your mind for a new task, and you can quickly note all the errors and correct them where necessary.

  • Proofread your essay from the bottom

If you must proofread your work immediately after writing, try and check for mistakes from the bottom up to the top. Apply this strategy only when you are running out of time. Start by reading the bottom sentence and see if it makes sense. Keep moving to the sentences above until you reach the top. The idea is to shift your mind from what you have just written. Remember, you have the whole structure and the points you have written in your mind. It will be pretty hard to note any difference because your mind will auto-read the content, thus, skipping grammar mistakes and typos.

  • Use a dictionary

Never underestimate the powers of a dictionary. There are some phrases that you might never understand how to use them. When in doubt, confirm with the dictionary and get the meaning. There are some phrases you want to include in your writing to spice it up. There is no point in using heavy words to give your work a different meaning, making the professor give you poor grades. Stay safe by using a dictionary always.