How to Choose an Ideal Topic for Your Essay

At some point in college, students must write an essay before they reach graduation. Bearing in mind that essay writing is quite challenging to some students, they get nightmares when this moment approaches. Some spend sleepless nights trying to bring out the best in them. All students look forward to getting better grades, and that is why they will go the extra mile to do their best. While writing such academic papers seems complicated, it can be the most straightforward academic work you will ever encounter if you consider some factors. Remember, the essay helps teachers evaluate the understanding of students on a given concept. That is why the students must be creative and follow given directions.

You can have the best writing and English skills, but sometimes, you end up producing a low-quality paper. Writing essays begins with the type of topic you are writing about. The subject plays a significant role in how you will shape your writing. For such reasons, this article aims at explaining details related to topic selection. Read on to understand the impact of topics on your overall essays.

When the teacher asks you to craft an essay, you have to analyze the topic you want. There are many ways to decide on the topic. There are plenty of resources to research from. Still, you can discuss with your teacher how to choose the best topic. Sometimes, a topic that seems easy can end up being the hardest. Ask yourself, if I decide on a given matter, will I gather enough content? Are there adequate resources I can research from? Will I be able to pull five paragraphs in the main body? Do not just settle on the topic because it seems friendly by looking at it. Go for a complex subject that will challenge you to conduct more research. 

Sometimes, you choose a simple topic and stay reluctant, as you keep procrastinating doing the school work with the idea that the essay is easy and you can accomplish it within a few hours. When the deadline approaches, you start writing only to get two-point, and you can’t find any other reliable points related to the topic. In such a situation, you will be in a big mess because you don’t have enough time to change the subject and the deadline for submission is around the corner. What happens next is that you produce shoddy work, which results in poor grades. Now, at this point, you can see how the topic has contributed towards failing the essay.

How to Select a Good Essay Topic

There are several approaches you can implement to choose the best essay topic. You can use the following ideas to pick an essay topic:

  • Ask for Help

At times, you cannot figure out everything on your own. Your friends and family understand you better. They are in an excellent position to tell you what fits you and what doesn’t. If you go ahead and pick a topic yourself, you might have trouble during the actual writing. Use other people’s ideas and come up with a reliable topic.

  • Brainstorm

Still, you can find a calm environment and think of ideas that you love more. Think in line with your hobbies and select a topic you fancy a lot. This way, you will gather resources and put ideas in an organized manner since you are writing on what you love.

  • Check possible resources

Before you fall for a topic, do little research to analyze resources for a given topic. You don’t need to pick a topic that will stress you throughout when researching. The materials should be readily available, and you must get enough content for the selected topic. In case you realize a particular subject doesn’t have adequate resources, change immediately.

  • Avoid common topics

Some topics are pretty standard, and many students have already done them. If you select such topics, you might have difficulties trying to bring out new ideas because all information is on different platforms. After all, you do not want to fall into the plagiarism trap.


Selecting essay topics can be easy if you approach the matter positively. However, it can be a challenging task if you complicate everything. From the word go, pick a topic you are sure of gathering enough content throughout your essay. Do not fall for a case because it sounds easy, only to get stuck in the middle of writing without relevant content.